Central Heating Boilers Not Working

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Central heating boilers not working


Generally speaking the first time you notice the central heating boiler is not working is when the radiators stay cold.
There can be any number of reasons for this to occur and some simple investigation will help you narrow down the problem. This means that when you call a heating engineer he has a bit more to go on than “the radiators are cold and the boiler doesn’t seem to be on” A few simple checks may well save you time and money.
Old style central heating boilers are fairly simple and diagnosing problems can be quite straightforward newer condensing type boilers are considerably more complex which unfortunately means there is more to go wrong.
Here are some simple checks that anyone can do when central heating boilers  not working.
First check that other gas appliances are working. If all the appliances are off and you can smell gas you need to call the gas emergency number. If no appliances are working check if your neighbours have a similar problem.
If the gas stopcock is open but no gas is coming through you need to speak to your gas supplier.
Check that the electricity supply to the boiler is working. Modern systems are individual fused so check the fuse and your RLD.
Is the pilot light on?
If it is off it is generally a simple matter to reignite the pilot light (you can find instructions in the boiler manual)
Check your thermostat and programmer.
Make sure the thermostat is above room temperature and the programmer is on
What about your boiler pressure?
Check that your central heating’s pressure. The typical range for modern boilers is 1.0 – 1.5 bar. If your boiler is below this, follow your manufacturer’s instructions to refill and restart your system. If your boiler pressure is at the correct level either you have a gas supply problem or you will need a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
These are a few simple checks that anyone can make when central heating boilers are not working, if you cannot identify the problem or have identified it but it is not simple call a gas safe engineer. http://www.gassafe.co.uk


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